Samara Beach

Sámara beach is considered to be one of the safest beaches of the pacific coast, making it an ideal location for family getaways and low-key travel.

This beach is a great getaway if you want a quiet holiday or if you want a fun family vacation.

With its ideal location along the Pacific Ocean, Sámara boasts countless aquatic and outdoor entertainment. Horseback riding, stand up paddle boarding, sport fishing, surfing, canopy tours, yoga and kayaking are just a few of the fun activities you can try out.

Santo Domingo is the closet town to where our parcels are located. It is very popular among national and foreigner tourists. In addition to touris related activities, locals are also involved in cattle and fishing activities.

In the beach town, you will find everything from a supermarket to a number of gift stores, bars and nightclubs as well.

Sámara is perfect for a quiet holiday or a night out on the town, and an excellent place to use as a stopover for the nearby national parks and reserves.